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Cozy Living Room

About Us

We are an interior design company that removes design uncertainty by providing you with the opportunity to experience interiors in a first-person POV.

Place one of our VR headsets on and immerse yourself within 3D models of your interior design aspirations.

Making key design decisions is no longer a struggle.


The inspiration for VR Livin arose when the founder, Veton Derguti, had trouble deciding which shade of grey to paint a room.


A shade too light and the warm cosy feeling he was after would cease to exist, too dark and the room would become uninviting.


How does one experience settings that do not yet exist?


Seeking to observe interior designs in a first-person point of view, Veton experimented with the use of Virtual Reality headsets.


Coupled by his background knowledge in engineering and computer science, the endeavour was a success.

"The sensation of a real-feel for your  surroundings is remarkable."

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