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The Interior Design experience generates real-time visualisations of a clients dream interior. The experience is split up into three independent stages. Select one, two, or all three depending on your needs.

Stage 1

Using VR technology, you experience a multitude of different interiors.


Together we will create and experiment with layouts, designs, and colours to construct 2D and 3D models of your dream space.

The interior design possibilities are endless.

Interior Designer at Work

Stage 2

Once your ideal design has been decided, the next step is to source perfect pieces to actualise your vision.


Looking for the right products is a daunting task, so here at VR Livin, we will manage that responsibility for you. You will be kept in the loop as we work to curate your dream space.

Stage 3

Now that all the elements have been purchased, the final stage is to assemble your masterpiece.


We take care of all the manual labour and will work to ensure everything is seamless.


Before you know it, your dream makeovers become a reality.

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